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Latest message from Osho : 9 August 2022

The power of song

My vision is of the whole universe
surrounded by the love in my heart.

It's a love that defies time and space
to encompass everything.

Judith Durham

Royal Albert Hall - 2014 (below)

from her last solo album SO MUCH MORE released in 2018


9 August 2022

My beloveds

There are so many things I would like to share with you.

It is a testing time for those on earth. Just when it looks as if things are on the mend, there is another extreme event; the fires, floods, widespread famine, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, the pandemics, worldwide inflation and even war.

Each one of you must find a way to deal with this situation - spiritually, emotionally and physically in some cases, where you or those you love, are at risk or in danger.

At the same time, beautiful things are happening. Singer Judith Durham (from the Australian group the Seekers, and much-loved around the world), slipped sideways this week at the age of seventy-nine years, and there has been an outpouring of love for her, because so many of her songs were spiritual in their intent and nature. She touched the hearts of so many. Shobha has found some of her friends crying when her songs are sung and has been brought to tears herself in recent days, as she sang all her songs for decades.  It is a good sign - that we can be moved emotionally by music.

Music is one of the most important ways to understand, experience and become divine. if you are a musician of any kind; if you sing, play an instrument or dance, you are coming close. It is been one of my favourite sayings – Dance your way to god. Music evokes an instant response of many kinds. You do not think about it. It just happens on its own accord. You can be overwhelmed and uplifted to a new level, and you can’t even explain why.

So if you are a musician a singer or a dancer, know that you are on the way towards understanding the nature of the universe. Because the universe is all about creativity. At the moment, what is happening on earth is not always creative, so you will have to re-create your environment for the well-being of yourself and others. It is an immense task.

This is a time to be open to others, and if the opportunity arises, to express some kindness towards them - if the situation arises. There was a saying coined in the eighties in California, which has been popular ever since. Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. But I say – don’t practice – let these become your very being.

My blessings – Osho


The gates of the temple are open



* Kissing the Joy as it Flies - Letters to the Beloved
* You belong to the Stars : OSHO et al 

COSMIC MANIFESTO__________________________________________________________


* Kavisha Mazzella : Clouds of Glory 
* Taryn Fiebig : Lark in the Clear Air
* Angelicus : Angels from the realms of Glory
* Shobha for Douglas : Wheel of Karma
* Judith Durham : You are my Star

August 2021 to the present

* The power of song : 9 August 
* This is not all there is : 2 June
* Get up and dance : May 16
* A world in turmoil : 14 May 

* On love you can rely : 28 October
* Remembering : 16 October
* Coming home : 3 October
* A Time of Renewal : 3 September

Letter from Bhagwan : 25 August  __________________________________________

*Abou ben Adhem - Leigh Hunt
*The Boatman - Shobha 1982


from The Way of the White Clouds

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1974)
Lyrics adapted by Shobha in 1976

An invitation from Bhagwan to the world
to come to India to be with him

The gates of the temple are now open wide

so lay down your burden and enter inside

And know that it is not for long that I am here

Do you hear me
Do you see me
I am standing right here

I stand at the door
I am knocking for you
I said I would come once before

So come now and enter
Don’t miss me again
It’s happening right now at this door

Do you hear me
Do you see me
I have come as I said

Don’t you know me
Don’t you feel who I am

Won’t you taste me
Won’t you touch me
Won’t you come right inside
I will stand here and hold out my hand

The gates of the temple are open
The temple is open and wide
The gates of the temple are open
So come now and enter inside

Shobha by the river near the ashram in India : 1976

Shobha by the river near the ashram in India : 1976



enables Osho to transmit his messages to the world
via this website  
through those who love him. 

Osho meets regularly with Douglas Payne in spirit
and with medium Peta Anderson and Shobha Cameron in Australia
to share his blessings with those on earth
who are receptive to his energy
at this pivotal moment in our global history.   

A record of how the foursome evolved
through the mediumship of Peta Anderson (pictured below)
is included in their recently published book
You belong to the Stars.

Shobha has been with Osho for almost fifty years
and has receved his messages in written form since 2021. 
They are presented here to guide those who love him
to become more aware of their continuing role
in restoring earth to a planet of harmony and peace.

Osho, Douglas and Shobha exchange letters almost daily
and their early missives are contained inYou belong to the Stars


by Angelicus
January 2022

Letters to the Beloved

Amazon Books January 2022
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Douglas Payne and Shobha Cameron

"I see no reason for our love

unless it be to lead us
towards some higher purpose

Unless it leads us
into realms hitherto unknown

Unless it unlocks
corners of our hearts

which have never yet been opened

With you my love, it is so

May it ever be

Wherever the winds take us
however fate deals with us

may the soul-enriching nature
of our love and friendship
until we cease to be"

Shobha to Douglas - 1983

The Rapture of Psyche : William Bougeureau : 1895

The Rapture of Psyche : William Bougeureau : 1895


Do you ever get the feeling
that we've met somewhere before

in the dim and distant corners of your mind ?

Do you ever wonder why it is
our hearts are in rapport

and the love we feel inside us seems to bind
and melt our hearts together as if we were as one
through the ever-changing scenes before our eyes?

Do you think we've been this way
some time ago - my friend ?

Can you see it written clearly in the skies ?

There’s a time and there's a reason
for the things we choose to do
There's a meaning in the movement of the winds

Just as you and I stand here today
upon this planet green

so the wheel of karma softly turns and spins
Yes - the wheel of karma softly turns and spins

We are told that time is running out
Make haste - for all is lost
The bomb will surely end our lives they say

Yet when I look into your eyes
across the distant years

time means nothing if we live our lives today

When my spirit leaves my body
I will still dance gaily on

and I'll share with you my laughter and my tears

Do you think our love can end
when together we belong

when we've shared our hopes
our sorrows and our fears

There is no tomorrow and there's no yesterday
just this moment knowing you are near

Knowing that our love
will ever live within our hearts

even though our bodies disappear

Douglas Payne

Douglas Payne


Shobha for Douglas : 1986


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh a.k.a. Osho
Shobha Cameron,
Douglas Payne,  Peta Anderson

Amazon Books 19 January 2022
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Foreword - Bhagwan

You may live to be a hundred
You may live only a few moments at birth

It does not matter

Whoever you are
and wherever you are

and whenever you leave your body
and slip sideways
you will be going home

You may even choose to return to earth

You cannot die
Death is an illusion
It is the greatest lie

You will always be alive
in one place or another
with those you truly love

It has always been so


There are several reasons for bringing this book to the attention of the world at this time

• to provide evidence of a literary kind, through direct communication between earth and the beyond, that we continue to live, after we leave our physical bodies (slip sideways)

• to provide evidence that where love is deep, it can continue when a person has left the physical body and gone beyond

• to point to the current situation of planet earth, where the forces for good and the forces of destruction are creating the necessity to evolve a spiritual purpose which can transcend the current obsession with materialism and supplant it with a spiritual aspiration for the good of all

For this to happen

• there will be a cleansing of the earth from all negative forces, and the existing population will slowly be supplanted by the next generation of those who are being born – in order to bring love and peace to the planet

• many will soon leave their bodies who are no longer able to sustain life in a fulfilling way and they will move into the spiritual world where they will be healed and loved, while the earth renews itself

• immense numbers of those in the spiritual world are now working to enable this transition to happen in a meticulously planned way

When this occurs

• no-one will be left alone and all who leave earth will be welcomed on arrival by the many helpers who have been assigned to introduce them to a new way of being, where there is no fear or illness, but the realisation that they will live forever

• the transition will be fuelled by the love and compassion of those in the spiritual world and the newly born generations on earth

• when all conflict has ceased, the process of renewal will be complete

Thus say the adepts and spiritual masters who have gathered together at this time and are overseeing the welfare of the cosmos

• they are working together to enable the spiritual evolution of all that is and the realisation of our true nature, which is pure love

• there will come a time when there is no negativity on the earth and the predominant motivation will be to express kindness and care for those with whom we live

• the spiritual world is just close by - in another dimension – it is only a breath away.

If you can listen - you can be there now


Peta Anderson (medium) at the Uluru Field of Lights Festival in Alice Springs Australia June 2022. The Uluru rock formation has been a sacred site for the aboriginal peoples of Australia for sixty thousand years.

Peta Anderson (medium) at the Uluru Field of Lights Festival in Alice Springs Australia June 2022. The Uluru rock formation has been a sacred site for the aboriginal peoples of Australia for sixty thousand years.


Angelicus : Anja and Shobha (2015)

2 June 2022


There are more things in heaven and earth
than are dreamt of in your philosophy



you think your life on earth is the whole story
but that is not the case
there is far more of which you are unaware

there are other realities and other worlds beyond earth
earth is a small part of the puzzle

stephen hawking has said it is arrogant
to think that we are the only form of life in billions of galaxies
and he was not an overtly spiritual man in the traditional sense

but what is it to be spiritual ?

i would say it is to be aware
that there are realms of which we do not yet know
and the sense of wonder that accompanies such a realisation

a few of us are aware of these worlds
and now is the time for us to share our understanding with you

some of us have a small part of the picture
and some, like myself, can see the whole

that is now my role and was my role when i was on earth

to understand the whole cosmos - imagine that
imagine knowing what other civilisations exist
beyond your boundary of earth

it is magnificent
it is unreal
it is real
it is vast
it is eternal

there are worlds like yours which are material
and there are many of them at different stages of civilisation
and there are worlds which exist which are not material at all
and they exist as energy fields and cannot be easily categorised because on earth you are living as material beings

it sounds like science fiction
and it is science and spirit united
but it is not fiction
i am a testament to that - because i am here
and i have been in the material world recently
and now i am in the world of spirit for eternity
yet i also visit earth constantly

there is no time in the world of spirit
and space is a concept which requires more definition
because it is not the same as on earth

we function here on energy
and we define that energy as love

i have a team with whom i work
and every day in earth time - or whenever it is needed
we visit earth and the various hotspots which are in trouble
and there are many as you know

Ukraine is our focus at present - but not only Ukraine
there are many leaders who are being asked to stand up and be counted
Germany and France have risen to the task
Hungary has more at stake
Finland and Sweden have become emboldened to join the European groups
and so it goes on

we visit earth and stay with those who are on the brink of despair
and will always be there when we are called to help

we are not like an aid agency
and we are not supplying weaponry to those who are at war

we supply love
because love heals on one hand
and enables us to help those who have left their bodies
to make the transition into the world of spirit
where they can remain or return to earth at a later stage
when the cataclysm is past

earth is in trouble climatically
and there are going to be challenges which you cannot always meet
It is time for a massive rethink of why you are here
and what you wish for yourselves in the future

earth has become difficult to manage
many of you will leave in any event
due to age and illness and disease

this is not a cause for regret
it is a cause for celebration for those who are released

you will be moving into the world of spirit
to replenish your souls for the next adventure

so start to think this way
earth is a transit station and your home is beyond
but it is not far - it is just nearby
but it is not material

there you will remember who you are
and remember why you were born on earth
and decide what you would like to do next

life is a challenge and it can be a joy or a burden
the choice is up to you

when those you love leave their bodies - rejoice
because next time it may be you
and then you will meet them again - in a little while

there are no goodbyes any more
it is just a case of - see you later

we are all part of one beautiful family
so be aware and take notice of all that is happening around you
and know that you are part of the story
and if you are in misery or despair
know that it will not be for long
and you will be free

love where you can
and you will be loved in return

now is a turning point in the history of the earth
and you are part of making it happen

My blessings – Osho

May 16, 2022



that is all you can do at present
you cannot change the course of things
you are powerless to affect world events right now

but it will not always be this way

now is the time to reflect
upon what is happening to your beautiful planet
and to decide what attitude to take
towards the disintegration
of some of its most wonderful attributes

you are not responsible for the outcome
but for the way you respond
to all the events that are occurring
and while you are reflecting
care for others if you can
if you have the energy

love breeds love
in the end, that is all we have

the people of Ukraine have love
they are an example to us all
of what we can be
under the worst conditions possible

hold them dear in your hearts
and remember
that just because today is not working well
tomorrow will be different

change is the essence of all things

be at peace and trust
that this is not all there is

we are waiting for you to come back to us
and it will not be long


Sufi dancing in the ashram in India

Sufi dancing in the ashram in India

May 14 2022


A world in turmoil?  You will say - what else is new?  And you are right.  Being human is not an easy road to take.

I speak from the world of spirit, where here are many planets and galaxies.  Some planets are dark and others are radiant and full of goodness and love.  Earth is somewhere in between.

When you slip sideways and come to us in the world of spirit, many things will become clear.

On earth, there are many beautiful heart-filled spaces and many riddled with darkness – for example, the current war zone in Ukraine.  But the roots of war are not limited to Russia and its wish to dominate surrounding territories.

The desire to dominate and overcome others is inherent in the human psyche. Whether this desire manifests in you during your lifetime, will depend upon where you are located, and what factors are brought to bear to cause you to be involved in conflict.

During the second world war, some men and women enlisted voluntarily. Others were conscripted. Some wanted to physically fight the adversary. Some wanted to be of service as nurses, doctors or driving ambulances. Some wanted to escape their home situations and it seemed an ideal opportunity. Wherever there is choice involved, you have to consider why you are acting in a certain way. Conscientious objectors are always treated with disdain whereas their motivation may be the purest of all, yet it may be the most dastardly of all, to avoid all possible conflict and exposure to danger, which others would say was common sense.

War is not simple. The Russian-Ukraine war is not simple. The motives of those involved from Putin to Zelensky, from the Russians to the Ukrainians, to the local populations to those in those in the EU, UN and NATO, and to those in the media who provide coverage of the event are not simple.

Be aware (beware) of who you are listening to, and from where you are getting your news updates. We all have vested interests. It is simplistic to imagine that our leaders are enlightened. Some of them may have worthwhile ideas. Some countries may benefit by donating or selling their arms to those in great need, or by providing coal or oil to meet their depleted stocks. Some of those in Russia support the war. Others do not.

Be careful in your judgements. Also be careful in your judgements about the leaders who are inciting this battle. Even Putin. What do we really know about who holds power in Russia?

My message to you today is to be aware. Consider all possibilities. Wherever possible, avoid conflict. Otherwise, be as honest as you can about your motives, and pay the cost of revealing them.

There is not only one conflict zone right now, and there never is. Congo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua and New Guinea, Myanmar. It is ever-ending and it will never end. There is unlikely to come a time when the entire planet is prospering and at peace.

When the overriding determinants of our action are compassion and love, we will be moving in the right direction, but it is unlikely to happen overnight, and may not even be possible, given the nature of the human psyche and the demands of human existence.

However, when you slip sideways and emerge from your physical body, you will enter the world of spirit, where all things are possible, and it will be up to you to some extent, how you decide to live in the future. Look forward to that time. It is a great release and will free you from your current preoccupation with life on earth. and all its accoutrements.

Now we see as children; as victims in a way - of our circumstances. Then, we will put away childish things and realise the possibilities are infinite, if our hearts are governed by the expression of love. Let love therefore - be the only determinant of your actions.



28 October 2021


The world is in crisis, and we do not kow what tomorrow wil bring.  Each day you will be faced with new challeges which make it difficult to plan for the future.  You are part of a temendous upheaval on this planet.

My message to you is to have no fear.  All will be well, and it will be well because we cannot die.

Although we may lose our possessions, and our lives may change dramatically, it is only love upon which we can rely.

Those we love may be taken from us or we may leave them, but our love will continue  It will not disappear or cease to be, for love has no end.

If you wish, there are ways for you to reach those who have gone before you.

When we leave our bodies, it is a new beginning.  Many of you know or suspect you have a soul, but do not know what is the next step of the journey.  I am here to say that it is beautiful and there is no need to fear.

We are on the other side, not far away and waiting for you to come and be with those you have loved.  When it is time, you will let go of all that is on earth and be able to give yourself completely to the making of a new life in the beyond.  When the earth has renewed itself, you may return, if you wish.

It is your choice to accept what will be, or to be sad that it is not as you intended.  Have the courage to accept what is.  You are not alone.  You will live forever.  You cannot die.

I know this because i left my body over thirty years ago, and I am still here.  Bhagwan


16 October 2021 


Beloved Friends

There was a time when I felt that it was important to play the role of the master. To be the one who was enlightened - though for twenty years I did not tell anyone that this had occurred. People came to me in any event in their thousands, so they must have recognised that something of great importance had taken place.

For many years in Bombay and Pune and America and even later in Pune, I wrestled a little with the idea of being your master, meaning of course that I had a level of understanding of the cosmos, which might possibly be deeper and more comprehensive than your own . At that time I found it difficult to be just a friend, but now the time has come to say, if I cannot be your friend, there is nothing I can offer you.

As far as names are concerned, I once called myself Maitreya (for a day), because Maitreya means the friend. Osho is also a beautiful name. Bhagwan is a name dear to me because so many of you came to me many years ago when I was called the blessed one - Bhagwan. And some of those who loved me then, may wish to continue calling me by that name, and I am happy that should be so. It is a name born out of many years of loving.

My only message is love. And there are of course many forms of love, but spiritual love, love of others, love of the world and all that is in it, is a miracle in itself. Some of you wish to meditate. I myself thought that meditation was the way to love, or at least understanding. But meditation does not suit all my friends. Now I have realised that love alone is enough.

It is not important to become enlightened. It should not be seen as something to be achieved. It is the consequence of grace descending, as Shobha has recently suggested to me. That is her understanding - that love and with it – understanding - descends when it wishes, not when she wishes it to be so. And the more you relinquish your efforts to control what is happening to you at the spiritual level, the more likely it is that grace will descend, and ultimately when you are full of grace, you will probably be enlightened.

Love is surrender of the ego, so you no longer are present in a way which interferes with the natural process of living and being. It will come when it comes, and all you can do is be here and let it happen. Being near me for many years in some cases, you have caught the infection. You can hear it, smell it, taste it, and sing about it - if you are fortunate.

In the end, when you feel love, what else can you do but sing and dance and laugh at the absurdity of the whole exercise of achievement.

So….when I was with you, although at times I did call you my friends, I was also your guide, your teacher and your master, and you loved me with your heart and soul.

But now the time has come for friendship. The time has come to be friends in every respect. There is nothing more beautiful than to be a friend. A friend is someone who knows instinctively without words being said what it is that you need. A friend cares for you. And I would like to say to those who love me, that you are my friends.

Wherever you are, at whatever point in your journey, remember me, and remember that I love you always. Love is the most magnificent state in which there is unity and all differences disappear.

And as you know, unity and friendship and love are what we lack most on earth at this moment. Human existence on the planet is at the edge of a precipice right now. Do not worry too much about the future of the planet itself. It will survive.

But we will not of course survive, because it has always been the case that we live out our years and move on. And I am here not only to remind you when you or those you love move on, there is a place of much beauty awaiting you, and that is where I am. We will be able to return to the earth when it has renewed itself, but in the meantime, its future as a place for habitation as we know it, is uncertain.

Now that the planet is at risk, remember who you are and spread the message of compassion and healing and care. We are living in precipitous times. Remember I am with you and will not leave you. Surrender yourselves to the will of the cosmos. Earth is in a process of renewal in which you are involved. Trust that all will be well and soon you will be with me and those who have already come home. Continue always to think of me as your friend and your beloved.

So change is needed. If you continue to think of enlightenment as something out there, rather than in here, or are unable to see me as your friend in this great cosmic play, it will be more difficult to cross the great divide that may exist between us. If you cannot experience the depth of my love for you as a friend, you may not be able to understand what it is that you are seeking.

This is a joyous play, and the requirement for your participation is that you let go of all to which you are attached on the earthly plane, and surrender yourself to the will of the whole. It sounds impossible and it sounds very grand, but it is very simple. It simply requires you to be yourself, at any cost, in every way, in every moment, and not to be led astray by the expectations of others.

To be enlightened and full of wonder and awareness and love and godliness, is rare. But the path is simple. To be yourself always, regardless of the pressures you may feel from those around you.

Enlightenment occurs on the day you wake up and realise that you are perfect as you are. Perfectly imperfect. Perfection is not a worthwhile goal. By simply being born you are perfect. It is not to be attained. It is something you already possess.

The only problem is that you are have forgotten. If you remember, the journey of seeking and searching will be over. You were always divine.

One of my dear sannyasins Kavisha Mazzella - has adapted the words of William Wordsworth and created the most beautiful of songs about her meeting with me.  If you can sing this song and understand it, you have arrived home.


Kavisha Mazzella

We are angels
we have forgotten these things
trailing clouds of glory

Kavisha on the banks of the Ganges at Varanasi

3 October 2021


Our work here continues, during this tumultuous period of human habitation on earth.  I used to plan for the day when there would be a reconciliation of the governments of the world, and peace might reign, but it seems that is not going to happen. Many of the old divisions between nations have surfaced yet again, and there is no guarantee any more that they will be reconciled.

Although it might have been an opportunity for the east and the west to unite in common endeavours and to become deeply acquainted with each other’s cultures and values, divisions have again arisen. Although there is some understanding between divergent cultures, in a way that did not exist before, this is not sufficient to heal the wounds which are daily arising due to current conflicts.

I ask you to sharpen your awareness of those settings in which war or hostilities still occur or are again surfacing. The battle for power and supremacy endures.  Be alert for these changes.  They are also occurring as a consequence of climate change, where it is not easily possible to blame a particular country for these happenings.  At least that is a blessing.  We are all in this together now, as climate disasters affect more than one country at a time.

The pandemic continues but does not abate, though some control of its spread has been attained.  It remains to be seen whether this is sufficient to curb its progress.  In Africa alone, there are many variants, which have not yet come to countries outside this continent.

Whatever transpires from this point, remember that however many appear to be taken from us in all manner of ways including crime, disease, illness and old age - you cannot die.

When you leave your body, it may appear to those who remain on earth, that you have gone forever, but it is not so. From that time until your arrival in your new home, you will be cared for and loved so that your transition to a new body (which is unlike your earthly body in some respects) can take place.

It requires an act of faith for those who do not accept that we continue. However, those who have already made the journey, will soon be letting you know more about that process and will communicate about the spiritual world, with those on earth who are receptive.

Many attempts have been made in the past to convey the nature of the spiritual reality to those on earth and some have listened and accepted these interpretations of where I am and where you will be.  Others have discarded these insights and denied that there is continuity of the soul.

But we are sending souls who are here with me, to speak with you and let you know that there is another world and it is a beautiful paradise.  The old connotations of paradise and heaven and the beyond are not entirely untrue.  In many religions, this concept exists, and there is belief in a life hereafter.  It is the nature of that life that is of importance.  In most cases, the paradise or heaven is not as it is imagined to be.

It is an opportunity to confront yourselves and to become yourselves in a very deep and wondrous way and to participate in activities and go to places where you can learn and expand your understanding of reality.  

You may decide to stay here where I am, and you may decide to come back to earth or go to another planet, in order to learn more about what you could not fulfil in your current or immediate past life.  It will depend on you.

If you are able to understand NOW, at this point in the earth's history, that there is another reality of a spiritual nature, it will be of great benefit to you when you arrive here, as you will be to some extent prepared for what is going to be offered to you.

We are here waiting to welcome you whenever it is your time to come, for whatever reason.  You must all leave your bodies one day.  It is simply a matter of when.  Some wIll come when they are young.  Others may come in their latter years.  Age does not matter.  Time does not matter.  The universe will continue in any event, regardless of what is happeing to us individually.

I am here to remind you of who you are, both on earth and in the beyond, and to help you trust that you will be cared for when it is time for you to come over - to come home.

I send you my blessings - Osho

3 September 2021


Beloveds……  It is time.

Since I left earth in 1990, there have been challenges of increasing complexity and severity facing the planet.

Action is now called for from those who are living the spiritual life. We have reached the point of no return. The earth requires renewal, and this is only possible if the present circumstances are forever altered.

At this moment, it is imperative that those of all persuasions who have surrendered to the spiritual life remain alert and caring and understanding, so those who are not so aware can leave the planet and begin their journey, towards wholeness in another sphere.

It is a time of transition, where the old must disappear and the new is to be welcomed. Many are already on earth, to help with this transition. Many are being born, to enable the new world to come to pass.

It is not a time to be afraid. It is a time to know that the renewal is happening as I speak, and you can be part of this adventure.

You will need to become aware of the nature of slipping sideways, which is usually known as dying, and to recognise this moment which occurs in all our lives, and marks the rebirth of our true selves, with the guidance of those who have already gone before and who have been waiting for this moment to occur.

I will be speaking to you now and then to encourage you to welcome the changes that are happening, even though they appear at times to be destructive and against the welfare of the planet.

In the immediate moment, many will leave earth to embark upon the next stage of their lives.  It is necessary, because many of those on the planet at this time are not concerned with the welfare of others, but only for their own needs and it is difficult to live in such an environment.

The balance has been so disturbed that now we must take action to ensure that the joy and love and wellness of each other becomes our priority.

Remember that you cannot die. Death is an illusion. That is why I call it slipping sideways.  We are just nearby - not far away -  in another realm, which you cannot now remember, but which you have experienced many times in the past

You will be going home and assisting others to go home where they can rest and recover their energies for the next phase of their growth and understanding.

Trust me - for I will be here - and trust all the enlightened souls from years gone by, who are ready to receive those who will be coming over. We are here - to embrace you with our love.   Osho

Winter solstice June 23, 2022 : Cottesloe, Western Australia : Anja Tilly

Winter solstice June 23, 2022 : Cottesloe, Western Australia : Anja Tilly


Abou ben Adhem
(may his tribe increase)
awoke one night from a deep dream of peace

and saw within the moonlight in his room
making it rich and like a lily in bloom

an angel - writing in a book of gold

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold
and to the presence in the room he said
what writest thou ?

The vision raised its head
and with a look made of all sweet accord, answered
the names of those who love the lord

And is mine one? said Abou
Nay, not so, replied the angel

Abou spoke more low,
but cheerly still, and said

I pray thee then
write me as one who loves his fellow men

The angel wrote and vanished

The next night it came again
with a great wakening light

and showed the names
whom love of god had blessed

and Lo
Ben Adhem's name led all the rest

Leigh Hunt 1834
Inspired by the Sufi mystic Ibraham ibn Adham

Abbott Handerson Thayer - 1889

Abbott Handerson Thayer - 1889

Letter from Bhagwan

25 August, 2021

Beloved Bhagwan
Although you left the planet over thirty years ago, you have said to me that you have been working in many ways to spiritualise not only earth, but other civilisations in the universe. You have described to me, when we meet in the spiritual sphere with our friends, what you are doing with your sannyasins and others who are on the spiritual path, to address the many sources of despair and suffering which are increasing in many parts of the globe.

These seem to be primarily the result of insurgencies against authority as in Hong Kong or Myanmar or Afghanistan, but are also the consequence of the increasing effects of climate change, which are wreaking havoc in many countries.

Given that many of us have been with you for almost fifty years, as spiritual students of a kind, and grown in understanding through your teachings and your presence with us, what can we do in the here and now to assist in this situation and direct our energy in ways which will benefit others who are affected by the pandemic and other disasters.

I know you travel frequently to places around the globe, with small teams of those who love you, in order to instil your energy and love in the hearts of those who are perpetrating the horror and violence which is occurring in so many places. Is there any way we can participate in this process at the human level ?

For some of us here, it is an everyday struggle to cope with the effects of the pandemic. For others, for example in Australia, there are parts of the community which are not severely affected by these trials as yet, and death is not a constant threat.

What can those of us who are so fortunate do, to access  our courage and resilience in order to aid those who are in dire need of love, compassion and practical services to heal their distress.

At the spiritual level, we accept that simply to be, and to be at peace, is helpful in an indirect way, so that we do not perpetuate the culture of fear, but at times like this, when the world is in turmoil, there is sometimes the feeling that there is more to be done. Is there any contribution we can make to help those who cannot help themselves? With love, Shobha

Beloved Shobha
There are many truths in what you say. On the one hand, there is nothing you can do. On the other, there is everything you can do to elevate the consciousness of those around you, to enable them to continue in their daily round, despite being surrounded by almost unimaginable grief and pain.

From the spiritual perspective, we observe what is happening, and know that it is all part of a cosmic plan to regenerate the planet so these things will ultimately stop happening and peace will return to those who still survive.

Yes, the pandemic is reducing our number, but it had to happen, because in some parts of the planet, poverty and malnutrition are part of everyday life, as there are too many people occupying the same space.

Remember that you cannot die. What we call death is a momentary phenomenon which is followed by a continuation of life, but in another sphere, where there are no longer the same difficulties which we currently face on earth.

Knowing this, will help you to inspire others to see the current sadness as a temporary one, which will be followed by delight. It is hard to imagine it at this point, because there are moments of happiness, but dread hangs over the joy because the danger is so near, primarily because of the pandemic.

I have said to you, that our role is to give hope to those we know, to continue during these world events which are overpowering us to some degree. To be a cool breeze in the midst of a hot climate. To remain loving as far as possible, when those around us are shouting and crying in their agony.

We are the ray of light that is needed to restore sanity and soar above the mundane matters of everyday life and realise there is an overarching pattern in the universe, of which we are not fully aware, but which nevertheless exists.

We acknowledge that the current destruction of much of what we love, is part of the process to restore order in the natural world, and to cleanse the motives of men and women in their day to day lives.

Trust has been eradicated in many places, and will be restored in time. Those who die will pass into a more beautiful state, where they can rest and recover. Try to see the bigger picture. It is the only one which will enable acceptance of what is to pass.

What is happening on earth is a phenomenon which may occur only once in thousands of years and there is more to come. But it has been years in the making and this is not yet the end of the conflict.

Do what you can when you feel compelled to act out of compassion. This will be different for every person. You write letters to me Shobha, and I reply. Our letters are intended for those like yourself who wish to bring spirituality back to human existence as a natural state, and to transplant the self-seeking greed and desire for power which currently govern many situations.

The lessons are here to be learnt, and adversity is often the best way to learn, by experiencing these trials in order to find solutions. Embrace your misgivings if you have them, and if you don’t, trust that those of us who have left the planet, are working at another level, to restore harmony and love on earth.

There are so many of us who are caring for you all at this time, even though you may not always be aware that we are here.

My blessings, Bhagwan

Taryn Fiebig

Taryn was the most beloved principal soprano for the Australian Opera when she slipped sideways in 2021 - and continued singing until that time. Her effervescent personality has endeared her to the thousands of lovers of her interpretations of opera, the baroque, musicals, Gilbert and Suillivan, folksongs and almost any musical genre.

Taryn and Shobha have been friends since her university days and she spontaneously joins Osho, Douglas, Shobha and Peta now and then during their sessions, and sings in spirit with Anja and Shobha in their duo Angelicus (on earth) when they burst into song in the early morning at the ocean.

Lark in the Clear Air (below) is one of the first songs Taryn recorded while she was at university in 1999, for the CD Thyme and Roses.



The poem alludes to the role of Bhagwan (Osho)
as the boatman
who ferries souls
across the mists of time
to their new life in the world of spirit

there is stillness on the waters
as the boat moves slowly by

it is guided by the boatman
with his lantern held on high

not a murmur save the water
gently lapping on the pole

as the twilight leads me onward
on the journey of my soul

through the rushes he is steering
he is sure of every turn
though i tremble with uncertainty
his face is calm and firm

as i pause to gaze upon him
to behold his inner light
i am carried forward
every moment
closer into night

through the cloud of icy darkness
i can almost hear the cries
of the souls of those about me
who are rising to the skies

lifted gently from the deepest night
to face the blazing sun
they are lost to their own dreaming
and their union now is done

still the boatman
moves along the waters
stopping now and then

holding out his hand across the shore
to greet a waiting friend

beneath his hooded cloak
his eyes are blinking back the tears

for he knows his task is never done
until the last one hears

Shobha - 1982


I honour the place in you
in which the entire universe dwells

I honour the place in you
which is of love of truth of light and of peace

When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me

we are one