14 May 2022


A world in turmoil ! You will say.  What else is new?

And you are right.  Being human is not an easy road to take.

I speak from the world of spirit, where here are many planets and galaxies. Some planets are dark and others are radiant and full of goodness and love.  Earth is somewhere in between.

When you slip sideways and come to us in the world of spirit, many things will become clear.

On earth, there are many beautiful heart-filled spaces and many riddled with darkness – for example, the current war zone in Ukraine. But the roots of war are not limited to Russia and its wish to dominate surrounding territories.

The desire to dominate and overcome others is inherent in the human psyche.  Whether this desire manifests in you during your lifetime, will depend upon where you are located, and what factors are brought to bear to cause you to be involved in conflict.

During the second world war, some men and women enlisted voluntarily. Others were conscripted. Some wanted to physically fight the adversary. Some wanted to be of service as nurses, doctors or driving ambulances. Some wanted to escape their home situations and it seemed an ideal opportunity.  Wherever there is choice involved, you have to consider why you are acting in a certain way.

Conscientious objectors are usually treated with disdain whereas their motivation may be the purest of all, yet it may be seen as the most dastardly of all i.e. to avoid all possible conflict and exposure to danger, which others would say was common sense.

War is not simple. The Russian-Ukraine war is not simple. The motives of those involved - from Putin to Zelensky, from the Russians to the Ukrainians, to the local populations to those in those in the EU, UN and NATO and to those in the media who provide coverage of the event.

Be aware (beware) of who you are listening to, and from where you are getting your news updates. We all have vested interests.

It is simplistic to imagine that our leaders are enlightened. Some of them may have worthwhile ideas. Some countries may benefit by donating or selling their arms to those in great need, or by providing coal or oil to meet their depleted stocks. Some of those in Russia support the war. Others do not.

Be careful in your judgements. Also be careful in your judgements about the leaders who are inciting this battle. Even Putin. What do we really know about who holds power in Russia?

My message to you today is to be aware. Consider all possibilities. Wherever possible, avoid conflict.  Otherwise, be as honest as you can about your motives, and pay the cost of revealing them.

There is not only one conflict zone right now, and there never is. Congo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Papua and New Guinea, Myanmar. It is never-ending. There is unlikely to come a time when the entire planet is prospering and at peace.

When the overriding determinants of our action are compassion and love, we will be moving in the right direction, but it is unlikely to happen overnight, and may not even be possible, given the nature of humans and the demands of their existence.

However, when you slip sideways and emerge from your physical body, you will enter the world of spirit, where all things are possible, and it will be up to you to some extent, how you decide to live in the future.

Look forward to that time. It is a great release and will free you from your current preoccupation with life on earth. and all its accoutrements.

Now we can see like children; as victims in a way - of our circumstances. Then, we will put away childish things and realise the possibilities are infinite, if our hearts are governed by the expression of love.

Let love therefore - be the only determinant of your actions.